Triptych of Pain

DOMINANCE Grunt and thump again Past death past hell and beyond Again and again and more SHE Maelstrom of evil Tempting in pretty colors Don't open the gift CONTROL Let me go he said She would never release him I never loved you Cover Photo by Kat Smith on

Fetal position

If I wanted to, I could destroy her. And this awareness filled me with a demented exhilaration. It was electric and awesome. I felt empowered and alive for the first time in my pathetic life. The only dissatisfying note being that she didn't look scared, not even worried really; more like deeply offended and slightly …

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The Big Sleep

He is abandoned asleep on the sofa. His breathing is light and even. How peaceful he looks, childlike and vulnerable, cocooned in his private inner space, where the outside world cannot touch him. When I see him like that, I imagine how his mother must have looked at him whilst a baby cradled in her …

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Chineasy by SHAOLAN

Back to basics Characters representing words placed on an associated pictorial (see cover page drawing where feet and a head were added to the two black strokes representing person). That is how SHAOLAN proposes to teach us the basics of the Chinese language. Intriguing. The author/artist/businesswoman came up with the concept while teaching her own …

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A Slap in the Face

An indelible mark Just as the older freckled hand centered the smooth cheek of the younger woman, seconds after the satisfyingly clean sound of the slap and right before the redness began radiating across her cheek, another crisp smack resounded. Only this time it was delivered by the younger woman. So perfectly timed was the …

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