Residual debris

stultification of ideas atrophied body of work the query of each generation For our time please select from drop down menu what to do with all this information and non across space and time whilst history keeps repeating Title photo by Pixabay

La Fiaccolata

Mystic. Pagan. The beginning. A procession makes its way along the winding mountain road, surrounded by the thick black inkiness of night. The group small and vulnerable beneath the mammoth masses of craggy rock towering above. The connection between total strangers is palpable as the crowd moves forward, following the leader through the darkened village. …

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Haiku Tryptich of loss

#1 No need to worry Meritocracy is dead Hail! Hail! Less is King #2 Immediacy Thwarting all contemplation Yet, then it's over #3 Eat and run ranks high Refusing to chew slowly Life undigested Title photo by Ayoub Bouhouche