It’s getting crowded

She believes the lies she has been telling herself. They are what she wants to, needs to, hear. Faster and easier that way. After all, it is the end result that counts and not all that pesky stuff in the middle. The guileful person's go to choice for a fictitious projection of self. Gotta give …

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Mrs. Knapp

Mrs. Knapp had been a teacher prior to her retirement, whereupon she became simply old Mrs. Knapp (as she was referred to by all the kids in the neighborhood). Berenice's mother said Mrs. Knapp was older than our elementary school, older than the park on Falstaff, even older than some of the shade trees lining …

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The smell of part dog piss and part disinfectant hangs in the air making me gag. The atmosphere is moisture laden; another intensely humid 100 degree day. I wake up tired. Everything is soaked through, dingy and malodorous; each energy sucking day a reminder that forever has gotten a lot shorter. What will I possibly …

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Haiku triptych

BIRDSONG First one chirp one trill Rising sun crescendo song A new morning breaks DROUGHT Bone without marrow Brushed by dust laden breezes Brittle fractured World DEWDROP Delicate droplet A trembling kaleidoscope As we hold our breath