Haiku triptych

BIRDSONG First one chirp one trill Rising sun crescendo song A new morning breaks DROUGHT Bone without marrow Brushed by dust laden breezes Brittle fractured World DEWDROP Delicate droplet A trembling kaleidoscope As we hold our breath


Pixabay Schmooze me Booze me Long as I can lose me Even for just an hour Lie to myself It'll be okay Hold tight let go seems alright then don't know tic tac toe to and fro a losing game most every day trying crying feeling close to dying Gotta let go one final blow …

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From infinitesimal movements you understand With huge enthusiasm you respond Warm soft little blanket Fierce and brave caped crusader Clown of a plaything Consummate charmer All of you Every hair Every atom is dripping with love

Merciful Mary

Winds of change Please do carry the voice of truth far and wide Across battlefields And burning skies Over charred remains Mothers' empty sighs Over homes laid bare Hey sir, can you spare Some Love and some Mercy? So much hatred Blacker than the sea Rife with fear Let everyone hear Our shouts our screams …

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Self importance

You Have A staggering need to overpower Be the person of the hour With your far and your wide Versus others' steady ride Convinced your setting the world on fire With your blinding blazing pyre You say I am pure submission Simply because I ask permission You say I tremble and I please Ignorant of …

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Jessie the cat

Jessie the cat Lived in our flat On the last floor Behind the green door Sat on her sill All curled up and still Watching the world go by Six floors up in the sky When dad came home She wouldn't leave him alone Till he played hide and seek So cute to see her …

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Next door of sisters there are three Here it's just mom and dad and me Feeling quite bored I captured a bee And lovingly fed it flowers all day But soon realized to my dismay The bee was unhappy in its small space It wanted to fly and pollinate I set it free later that …

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Poetry for the everyday guy and girl

Poetry gets a bum wrap most of the time. It is erroneously considered, by the masses, as exaggeratedly cerebral, requiring a massive intellect and purposefully obscure and abstruse. In some cases this may even be true, but as with all stereotypes there is more to be found in the particulars of the generalization than the …

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