Haiku Tryptich of loss

#1 No need to worry Meritocracy is dead Hail! Hail! Less is King #2 Immediacy Thwarting all contemplation Yet, then it's over #3 Eat and run ranks high Refusing to chew slowly Life undigested Title photo by Ayoub Bouhouche

Triptych of Pain

DOMINANCE Grunt and thump again Past death past hell and beyond Again and again and more SHE Maelstrom of evil Tempting in pretty colors Don't open the gift CONTROL Let me go he said She would never release him I never loved you Cover Photo by Kat Smith on Pexels.com

Haiku triptych

BIRDSONG First one chirp one trill Rising sun crescendo song A new morning breaks DROUGHT Bone without marrow Brushed by dust laden breezes Brittle fractured World DEWDROP Delicate droplet A trembling kaleidoscope As we hold our breath