Rikki and Sam

Rikki wore herself, her other self, with aplomb. Hers was an expression of polite detachment and of slight boredom with it all. And cloaked in this dignified isolation, rather than give rise to pity or protection, it drew others to her with its charismatic secret quality. She had learned quickly, back in her dark days, …

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Quality of language

Thwarted, incongruousness, felicitations, Frankfurter, compendium, plethora; such specificity of language. I love it! With so much being said (not) today with a multitude of initialisms/acronyms and icons, language (as we knew it) has undeniably taken a hit! An inefficiency in communication brought on by the utilization of generic abbreviated expedient words and visuals that foster …

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Blonde Roots by Bernardine Evaristo

Turn history on its head? Now there's a sobering eye opening potentially game changing exercise for all! And it's exactly what Bernardine Evaristo has done in her novel Blonde Roots. What would history look like if the perpetrator became victim, the violent meek, the abuser abusee, the hostile peace loving....? All the hate would shift …

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Actually doing alright…great even

Thinking, speaking, doing. Even when not doing still doing, even when not speaking still saying something and so it goes. This ever rushing on of life and we along with it. Some in the eye of the storm, some on the sidelines and still others expertly balanced on the edge. Everyone everything everywhere moving and …

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Residual debris

stultification of ideas atrophied body of work the query of each generation For our time please select from drop down menu what to do with all this information and non across space and time whilst history keeps repeating Title photo by Pixabay

La Fiaccolata

Mystic. Pagan. The beginning. A procession makes its way along the winding mountain road, surrounded by the thick black inkiness of night. The group small and vulnerable beneath the mammoth masses of craggy rock towering above. The connection between total strangers is palpable as the crowd moves forward, following the leader through the darkened village. …

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Haiku Tryptich of loss

#1 No need to worry Meritocracy is dead Hail! Hail! Less is King #2 Immediacy Thwarting all contemplation Yet, then it's over #3 Eat and run ranks high Refusing to chew slowly Life undigested Title photo by Ayoub Bouhouche


Her head is exaggeratedly poised on a stiffly held neck; her expression overloaded with feigned interest in what he is saying, which by the way, is a whole lot of nothing. He sits back languidly in his seat, legs crossed, ensuring his hand and cigarette are just so and that his expression conveys the right …

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Open Water by Caleb Azumah Nelson

This, the first read of the New Year proves that everything doesn't have to be at the speed of light in order to have presence and worth. It reads as multilayered modern language with a poetic heart. Passages, especially those you may most identify with, are so chunkily filled with concepts, observations and experiences to …

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Another place

Those who have gone there agree that it is exceptional! And that it reaches far above and beyond the more general feeling of well-being or cozy comfort that you might experience while sitting by the fire with a glass of wine and a good book or snuggled between freshly laundered sheets. Even its source both …

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