Next door of sisters there are three

Here it’s just mom and dad and me

Feeling quite bored

I captured a bee

And lovingly fed it flowers all day

But soon realized to my dismay

The bee was unhappy in its small space

It wanted to fly and pollinate

I set it free later that day

I then began to observe some ants

Very social, very strong

Working hard all day long

But, I never saw any ant go astray

Doing its own thing

Going its own way

Something shimmered

The slimy silvery trail

of a common land snail

Sparkling in the sun

I followed just for fun

Though agonizing slow motion

Soon meant that I was done

A dollop of color caught my eye

An exquisite butterfly

Next fluttered by

From a chrysalis unfurled

Reentering the world

For such a short time

That to make it mine

Trapping it in my net

What to expect

To be admired every day

As precious time slipped away

Would be so unkind

So I changed my mind

Later that day

Hanging upside down in my tree

Happy and carefree

I let everything be as it should be

I let everything be free like me

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